Map and Display Rails
Map rails are an economical method of displaying notes, charts, pictures, artwork and other important display materials. Commonly found in classrooms where accessories are used to hold flags, maps and projection screens. Also great for corridors and conference rooms.

Map rails are also great for displaying seasonal cards, photographs and announcements.

Choose from 1" high or 2" high in various lengths to best meet your needs. Map rails are made of high quality extruded aluminum with a satin anodized finish. All rails are equipped with Tan Cork which does not shrink or discolor over time, and aluminum end caps. Also available is our new 3" display rail which has all the displaying qualities as our 1" and 2" map rails, however is not equipped for accessories.
1” Display rail/with cork insert 6 Pack
Model# Length Model#
MR1-72 72" MR1-72-6
MR1-96 96" MR1-96-6
MR1-144 144" MR1-144-6
MR1-192 192" MR1-192-6
1" Accessories:
Model# Description
HC-1 1" Hook/clip
MW-1 1" Map winders
FH-1 1" Flag Holder
ES-1 End stops
2” Display rail/with cork insert 6 Pack
Model# Length Model#
MR2-72 72" MR2-72-6
MR2-96 96" MR2-96-6
MR2-144 144" MR2-144-6
MR2-192 192" MR2-192-6
2" Accessories:
Model# Description
HC-2 2" Hook/clip
MW-2 2" Map winders
FH-2 2" Flag Holder
ES-2 End stops
3” Display rail/with cork insert
Model# Length
DR2-72 72"
DR2-96 96"
DR2-144 144"
DR2-192 192"
3" Accessories:
Model# Description
ES-3 End stops
Paper Grippers
Paper Grippers™ are useful when push pins or thumb tacks are not convenient or could damage the display materials. The Gripper uses gravity to hold small vinyl rolls down, thus trapping paper sheets inside the specially designed extrusion.
To remove paper, simply push up to release the rollers’ grip and move the paper in a circular motion until it is free.
Choose the Little Gripper for paper gripping requirements or the Big Gripper which also incorporates all of the features found in the 2" map rail, including the benefits of the
map rail accessories which
are sold separately.
Big Gripper
The Big Gripper The Little Gripper
Little Gripper
Model# Length
LG24 24"
LG36 36"
LG48 48"
LG72 72"
Little Gripper Big Gripper
Model# Length
BG24 24"
BG36 36"
BG48 48"
BG72 72"
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