Bulletin Boards
Natural Pebble Grain Cork

A natural bulletin board, this unique product is resilient and self-healing. Natural pebble grain cork is neutral in appearance and blends with many decors. Available with either a solid red oak wood frame with a high gloss lacquer finish or an aluminum frame with a clear satin anodized finish.
Aluminum Frame
Oak Frame
18" x 24" DB1824 OB1824
24" x 36" DB2436 OB2436
36" x 48" DB3648 OB3648
36" x 60" DB3660 OB3660
48" x 48" DB4848 OB4848
48" x 72" DB4872 OB4872
48" x 96" DB4896 OB4896
48" x 120" DB48120 OB48120
48" x 144" DB48144 OB48144

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