All Purpose Professional Series Porcelain Enamel On Steel
Markerboards and Chalkboards
• Porcelain writing surface is indestructible when used as
directed and guaranteed for life
• High contrast
• Excellent erasing qualities
• Surface permits use of magnetic accessories
• Full length 120 series professional size accessory tray with
protective end caps
• Factory attached mounting hangers
• Aluminum foil backing aluminum provides moisture barrier
• Equipped with a 1" display rail with tan cork insert and end caps
• All trim, tray & display rails are aluminum with a satin anodized finish
• Greenguard certified
• Made in the U.S.

Optional powder coated frame and tray colors are available

2' x 3' 120A-23M
3' x 4' 120A-34M
3' x 5' 120A-35M
4' x 5' 120A-45M
4' x 6' 120A-46M
4' x 8' 120A-48M
4' x 10' 120A-410M
4' x 12' 120A-412M
4' x 16' 120A-416M
4' x 16' 120A-416M-2*
Writing Surfaces



(Available on request)

* Two sections with spline joint seam.
Accessories optional
Specialty Markerboards with Fused Lines and Graphics
These patterns are permanently fused with the ceramic steel surface of our markerboards making them virtually indestructible when used under normal conditions. The imprinted lines and graphics are UV, wear and scratch resistant and because they are fused within the surface they do not interfere with normal marker use.

These patterns are offered both as independently framed units with full length chalktrays or as integral components of larger or combination boards.
Graph Coordinates GC1204848 4x4
Music Staff Lines MS1204872 4x6

Polar Coordinates PC1204848 4x4
Penmanship Lines PL1204872 4x6
USA Map USA1204872 4x6

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