Changeable Letter Message Boards
Framed Letter Board Message Centers
All units complete with 1 Free set of 3/4” Helvetica letters and assortment tray.

A classic felt covered board that is precision grooved on 1/4" centers to
accept our universal quick change letters featured below. Create your own
sign in minutes and change it at will to suit your current needs. Standard
boards feature a black felt letter panel in vertical or horizontal landscape.
Click here for optional colors.

12" x 18" BOFD1218 AOFD1218 18" x 12" BOFD1812 AOFD1812
18" x 24" BOFD1824 AOFD1824 24" x 18" BOFD2418 AOFD2418
24" x 30" BOFD2430 AOFD2430 30" x 24" BOFD3024 AOFD3024
24" x 36" BOFD2436 AOFD2436 36" x 24" BOFD3624 AOFD3624
30" x 36" BOFD3036 AOFD3036 36" x 30" BOFD3630 AOFD3630
36" x 48" BOFD3648 AOFD3648 48" x 36" BOFD4836 AOFD4836
36" x 60" BOFD3660 AOFD3660 60" x 36" BOFD6036 AOFD6036
48" x 72" BOFD4872 AOFD4872 72" x 48" BOFD7248 AOFD7248
48" x 96" BOFD4896 AOFD4896 96" x 48" BOFD9648 AOFD9648
Single Pedestal Letter Board
Adjustable height pedestal boards:
• Perfect for pedestrian areas
• Black felt background provides excellent contrast
• Adjust from 36" to 66" tall
• SMD open face
• CMD features slideoff acrylic cover
• Base and post are Black
• Frame is satin anodized aluminum
• Includes 1 Free set of 3/4" Helvetica letters
Model # Finish
12" h x 18" w SMD1218 Open Face
14" h x 18" w SMD1418 Open Face
14" h x 18" w CMD1418 With Lift Off Cover
Free Standing Letter Board Cabinet
Large message board utilizes a sturdy double pedestal stand with reinforced feet extending front and rear. Features a lockable door frame with a shatter resistant acrylic window and 2 Keys. Satin anodized frame is matched perfectly to the detachable uprights for easy shipping and assembly.
Overall height is 72”.
Model # Finish
36" x 24" FMD3624 Lockable Door
36" x 30" FMD3630 Lockable Door
CMD Single Pedestal Letterboard with acrylic
lift-off cover
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