Enclosed Changeable Letter Boards
with Aluminum Frame

Choose from a wide variety of units all manufactured of custom extrude parts engineered to provided a durable and handsome cabinet.

Fixed rear panels are either felt (indoor) or vinyl (outdoor) and are designed to accommodate changeable letters with tabs spaced on 1/4” centers. Click here for optional typefaces and customized services.

Standard features include: Lockable doors, acrylic safety glass windows, continuous hinges, concealed mounting brackets and a slotted background in felt or vinyl. Click here for other colors. Tempered glass doors available as an option.

Illuminated models feature U.L. listed fluorescent fixture, light deflector bulbs and 3 wire electric lead.

Outdoor models feature a vented case for
moisture reduction, weatherized rear panel and a thick rubber door seal.

Add your personalized inscription to our perfectly manufactured cabinets. Headers are white opaque acrylic with black vinyl letters.

Standard typeface is Clear Gothic. Click here for optional typefaces and customized services.

Standard units have satin anodized finish. Optional finishes include bronze anodized
and powder coated color enhanced frames
Click here.
Indoor/Outdoor Aluminum Directory Cabinet with Header
# Of Size Indoor Outdoor Indoor Outdoor
Doors H & W Model Model Illum. Illum.
1 24 x 18 ADC2418H OADC2418H ADC2418HI OADC2418HI
1 24 x 36 ADC2436H OADC2436H ADC2436HI OADC2436HI
1 36 x 30 ADC3630H OADC3630H ADC3630HI OADC3630HI
1 36 x 36 ADC3636H OADC3636H ADC3636HI OADC3636HI
1 48 x 36 ADC4836H OADC4836H ADC4836HI OADC4836HI
2 36 x 48 ADC3648H OADC3648H ADC3648HI OADC3648HI
2 36 x 60 ADC3660H OADC3660H ADC3660HI OADC3660HI
2 36 x 72 ADC3672H OADC3672H ADC3672HI OADC3672HI
2 48 x 60 ADC4860H OADC4860H ADC4860HI OADC4860HI
2 48 x 72 ADC4872H OADC4872H ADC4872HI OADC4872HI
3 36 x 72 ADC3672-3H OADC3672-3H ADC3672-3HI OADC3672-3HI
3 48 x 72 ADC4872-3H OADC4872-3H ADC4872-3H OADC4872-3HI
3 48 x 96 ADC4896-3H OADC4896-3H ADC4896-3HI OADC4896-3HI

Aluminum Directory Cabinet

# Of Size Indoor Outdoor Indoor Outdoor
Doors H & W Model Model Illum. Illum.
1 24 x18 ADC2418 OADC2418 ADC2418I OADC2418I
1 24 x 36 ADC2436 OADC2436 ADC2436I OADC2436I
1 36 x 30 ADC3630 OADC3630 ADC3630I OADC3630I
1 36 x 36 ADC3636 OADC3636 ADC3636I OADC3636I
1 48 x 36 ADC4836 OADC4836 ADC4836I OADC4836I
2 36 x 48 ADC3648 OADC3648 ADC3648I OADC3648I
2 36 x 60 ADC3660 OADC3660 ADC3660I OADC3660I
2 36 x 72 ADC3672 OADC3672 ADC3672I OADC3672I
2 48 x 60 ADC4860 OADC4860 ADC4860I OADC4860I
2 48 x 72 ADC4872 OADC4872 ADC4872I OADC4872I
3 36 x 72 ADC3672-3 OADC3672-3 ADC3672-3I OADC3672-3I
3 48 x 72 ADC4872-3 OADC4872-3 ADC4872-3I OADC4872-3I
3 48 x 96 ADC4896-3 OADC4896-3 ADC4896-3I OADC4896-3I
Shown with optional red felt.
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